Chapter 2

Opening Statement of Defense

This indictment was for the people in the Old Testament when they were called on to offer sacrifices for their sins. Christ is our sacrifice and we are not called on any more to offer a sacrifice and if we were, my sacrifice would not be diseased, injured or crippled but pure and holy.

We do not live under the Law, for Christ set us free from the Law and has given us grace.

I donít believe there are any secrets in Godís word. God would not keep any information hidden from his Saints. If he wanted us to conduct ourselves a certain way he would make it clear in his word.

If the secrets are hidden, I am to busy trying to make a living. I donít have the time to worry about finding some deep secret. The treasure map is too complicated and I have all the gold and silver I need.

I have never held God in contempt. I work six days and rest on Sunday. I give a tenth of all I make to the Church. I give freely of my time to people in need. I open my home to strangers. God is always on my mind and I pray to him daily.

Matt 13:17 Many Prophets and righteous men long to know what has been given to you.

In other words, very few Prophets or righteous men will know the secrets even though in their young lives their actions placed them to receive the benefits. If God did not reveal the secrets to them why would I think that he is now going to reveal them to you or me?

If Christ is the way, how am I suppose to follow in his steps? He had the power, and itís clear I donít. He was God and I am just human.

God had his favorites down through the ages, the Jews, and I am not one of them. The Bible is not practical or relevant to me, but out dated and obsolete.

I leave it to the Bible scholars, that is, the wise and learned to interpret Godís Word. I donít have the ability.

Yes, I believe everything God tells me, but it doesnít change my life, and nothing good ever happens to me.

Sickness and disease come from the curse of Adam, and therefore we must live with it. It is straight from Godís hand, and therefore, it is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, Paul had a thorn in his flesh, and asked three times for it to be removed.

The whole assembly is holy, that is all the people that have accepted Jesus as their savior and that includes me.
I prayed the pray of salvation. I have repented and followed Christ through the waters of baptism, and I trust Him to take me directly to heaven. I donít have a need or a desire to understand anything else; I just want to live my life.

Keeping oneself from being polluted by the world is talking about something spiritual, and has nothing to do with how I conduct myself in the area of food, or anything else I physically consume.

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