Chapter 30

The Crown's Witness

There is a hole in our theology.

I believe that there is a gaping hole right in the middle of our Christian theology. This hole is responsible for our disunity, lack of love, divorce, self-centeredness, sickness, disease and unbelief which leads to every other sin. Jesus said “offer your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing this is your reasonable service”

Jesus continually used the healing of the physical body to demonstrate the effects of believing in him and produce what the Father is seeking, true worshipers. I believe this area of disease to be shouting at us to bring attention to the fact that we have missed the paramount thing Jesus came to do, heal us in every way.

If we worship God the way He directs us to, then his word tells us He will give us a full life span free from sickness and disease and every other blessing according to our mission. If we are worshiping the Lord the way we “think” He is wants to be worshiped and not following the truth, we should not be surprised when we reap what we sow.

The reality is that this truth surrounding disease cannot be bypassed because it lays the foundational footing in which God must establish in order for your temple to receive his best. We know that God wants to build each one of us into a magnificent holy structure to his glory, so our lives might be a testimony to his goodness and faithfulness. We also know that Satan is working through our flesh to destroy us.

Take holiness or purity out of the equation or give it the wrong definition or just limit the word in its scope and you will have a bag with no bottom, and a theology that leads to disillusionment.

Follow the Order
The spiritual Man who introduced my father to Christ in 1976, who lives in Florida, was going to take me diving to look for prehistoric fossilized sharks teeth. Before I could go diving with this man, I needed to prove to him that I could handle myself in this new environment. There were very few things that I wanted to do more than go diving with him. He said that he would take me scuba diving for artifacts but first I must pass the test he would give.

The next morning we met and walked over to his neighbor’s pool where he had all the equipment I needed to survive under the water laid out around the pool. He had shown me how each of the pieces worked, and then proceeded to scatter all the equipment into the deep pool. The test was quit simple, to dive into the pool and not surface until you had all the equipment on.

Before I dove in, he gave me some pointers on what pieces I might consider going after first. The first thing I needed was the air tank because without the air I would be unconscious in three minutes and dead in five. I knew that no matter how long I could hold my breath, or the extra seconds I could gain from hyperventilating, this would not overcome a foolish first choice. To spend any amount of precious time doing anything but going directly to this life giving supply would be disastrous and would seal my fate.

I dove in; I went straight for the tank and found the life giving oxygen that could sustain me. After retrieving the tank of air, I needed the weight belt to compensate for my buoyancy; now I did not have to struggle to stay down. Once I had the air and weight belt, I though I could relax and make my way slowly around to find the mask. But just when I thought I had everything under control I felt the air start to run out.

Now, this is no time to be ignorant about your equipment or forget where your reserve switch is. You cannot panic in the heat of battle if you should find yourself short of the one thing which sustains you, but neither do you have the time to go looking for the answer; foolishness will kill you but knowledge will deliver you. I could not see and was operating on faith; one, that there would be a reserve and second, that I had time to find the value. What a relief to feel that air expand my lungs again. It was exhilarating to come through such a test. After several deep breaths I continued on with blurred vision and eventually God gave me a mask. I can see where I am going now, and with ease, I glided to retrieve all the other pieces.

The point is this; to operate in this environment one needs to be careful to go after and to keep focused on the proper sequence. To go after anything but the power in the life giving tank of air, is to find yourself receiving a good thing, but not one that can sustain you in this atmosphere. The same thing holds true in God’s spiritual atmosphere, there are many good things out there, but failure to find or follow the divined order, leaves you weighted down under the water without any air. It is very hard to be useful when you are bobbing in the pool, never mind trying to find hidden treasures.

Suffering that brings changes
Do you swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I do.

In the year 2000, the farm that I had been living on for 22 years that I had raised my family on, that I had built my house on, which I had built my life around, sold, and my calm stable world went into a tailspin. My children were in the most critical time period of their schooling and would not only have to adjust to life, but to a large city high school.

For my wife and I, it meant leaving a small warm country church that was founded only months before we started attending, and transition to a city church. The dynamics of this situation was so bazaar and complex due to the fact that I had three other brothers, who owned this land but never lived on it.

The details and facts surrounding this are irrelevant, but they did serve to isolate me and remove from me everything that I held dear. The more I tried to solve the problem the more I separated myself. The more I exposed the injustice, the more I was told to get out of the company, not only by my wife but by a board of elders that was asked to judge the situation. I found to keep true to my convictions I must go against the board’s recommendation, my wife’s counsel, and to live and work in an environment that would be impossible in the flesh.

After two years of living with a crushed spirit and crying out to God, praying and seeking Him, I had no further ambition or desire to do anything, except to go to heaven. My work was slow with little to no heart, and I could not even get going in the morning until I asked the Holy Spirit to move me.

One morning in Pastor’s bible class he suggested that we should read the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I very rarely buy a book and I had no ambition to read this one. My wife purchased the book for me for Christmas and when I started reading it, I just wanted to keep on reading. It was so uplifting, so easy to understand God’s purpose for my life, and it challenged me to give my life completely and watch to see what he would do. It held out hope were I could see no hope. It became like a world that I could escape into, to rise above the pain, to function like I was living in this world of hope, when my flesh and all my senses told me that nothing has changed. I had no aspiration for anything, no desire for anything; I just prayed and waited on God.

Finally, in one of my prayers, God conveyed to me that all I had was him. I rededicated my life completely to him and started obeying. It was not long until I started to understand the significance of complete obedience.

This was not a matter of surrendering as one might think, but a total and complete devotion, a setting apart. I had been obeying the church for some 30 years, no, this was different, and this was like obeying a force outside of what we would consider reality. This was going against the flesh and operating by faith.

I started saturating myself with God’s word as I drove 45 minutes each way to work. The focus of my life now started to shift off of myself and onto others. One day as I drove to work, I came upon a hitch hiker and for some reason I could not drive by like I would normally do. I stopped and picked him up, and it was not long before I knew why.

He had been praying that someone would stop. After he told me his story, I turned my truck around and instead of taking him closer to a city so he could catch a bus back home I drove him all the way to another city to meet up with a trucker who would be taking him to a camp up north where he had a job.

One day as I was working all alone as I usually did, God brought to my mind the question “what do you want in a job”. As I thought about the question, the first thing that I was certain of, was to do something that would last for eternity (I knew this was helping people), something that would bring joy to my life, something that could involve working with my family and of course be able to support my obligations.

I was delivering produce to a city at 4:00 am, which was no big deal. But after I took over from my brother, in the city I was living in, I discovered I did not have the address or phone number so I could drop off the shipment. The order needed to arrive at 7:00 am sharp, and the time was tight, even if I could drive straight there. I had been to this warehouse four or maybe five months ago, but for the life of me my mind could not recall where. I did know the general location, but it is a big city.

I was listening to a radio program and the reception was fuzzy, but the main point of what his man was saying was that Christ can help you and is practical. As I thought on this message, I began to place my circumstances into what this preacher was saying. I had to conclude that Christ wanted to be practical in my life right now. Without closing my eyes I asked Jesus to take me to this warehouse before 7:00 am. I don’t know how it happened but the truck never took a wrong turn and I arrived at 6:58 am. I sat there in my seat for several minutes numb and overwhelmed, asking myself what just happened. On the way home, I knew I had just had a big encounter with God and I was on cloud nine.

It was not until after my meetings with Henry Blackaby, sixteen months later when he explained that we need to process our encounters, that I understood what Jesus was telling me. On July 15, 2004, at 3:20 am, God brought to my mind the spiritual message he was telling me sixteen months ago. He was saying “You know where you want to go in your life, ask me and then take your hand off the steering wheel of your life, and trust me to take you there”. This encounter was not just a help for that day, it was a message for my life, a living demonstration of a promise He was making to me. I now had a sad realization that I had missed hearing from Christ many times in the past because I failed to process my encounters.

For many months nothing could move me out of this sense of earthly hopelessness in regards to doing anything other than remaining in this deep rut of despair. I was considering that God wanted me to some how live out my life in this situation and learn to “in the spirit” rise above these seemingly hopeless circumstances. Day after day I wonder how God was going to work in me so I could learn to live with my situation, but everyday the giant stared me down. On top of this bad situation our children were starting to leave the nest and my wife kept telling me how foolish it was to keep working with my brothers.

As I worked on the back deck on my house, God brought to my mind that he could not steer me unless I started moving somewhere. The radio was on as I worked, and at that very moment, an invitation to attend a seminar was announced, which invited all who wanted to find out how to get off the “rat race of life”. I shared this with my wife and it seemed to spark some interest, so the whole family decided to attend. The seminar was attempting to give you the courage and the steps which are needed to take you out of your nine to five job and into a realm of financial security most people only dream of.

The lecture was OK, but over half of our time was spent playing a board game which demonstrated how to position oneself to receive the best in life, from the world’s perspective. After the session, I spoke with one of the speakers and told him that I had a board game, which has many times the fun value as this one. He quickly suggested that we market it, but I derailed his enthusiasm rapidly, as I went through the reasons that I had abandoned this initiative over twenty years ago. But my spirit gave me no rest from this concept, to the point where I completely reworked this game over the next sixteen months, to draw its participants to the real power of life, and thereby secure the only peace obtainable.

God saw fit to give me the faith to register a name “Freedom Catch the Spirit”.

Many things were happening at the same time as all this was going on, and one of them was teaching. I was asked to take on the responsibilities of teaching the grade 10 Sunday school class, which I did. I believed God was asking me to have actions in keeping with my commitment to him. The next Sunday after I had finished reading the Michael J. Fox book, I used his experience and his conclusion that praying works. In this class, we were learning the different pieces of armor the Lord gave to protect us against Satan. But the most powerful truth was that we had been given a secret weapon, pray. I posed the question, “Why would we not use our secret weapon at the start of our fight rather than at the end”. God was speaking to me on pray and confirming that pray could unlock the secrets.

The very next Sunday my lesson that I was going to teach was on “Hannah: Profile in Courage”. As I studied the lesson, God showed me that I was Hannah asking Him to intervene in my circumstances. Several minutes later in the morning service, there would be a speaker who would confirm what this would mean for me. This missionary was speaking on the story of David and Goliath and asked how we were responding to our Goliath’s, like the soldier or like David. That God did not want us to live with our Goliath but to conquer it by trusting in him. I knew God was talking to me and I could hardly sit still, it was like a huge weight of despair was lifted off of me. God did not want me to learn to live with my Goliath, He wanted me to ask and trust Him for deliverance. Praise God!

My wife buys the book “Experiencing God” by Dr. Backaby for herself and sat it on her night table. I had a meeting arranged with my two Pastors the next morning, where I would be trying to explain to them what was going on in my life. The problem was I did not know what was going on, much less how to explain it. As I was leaving the room, I noticed the book, and its title drew me in. As I started reading, I could hardly believe what I was reading. This book was describing exactly what was going on in my life and also was revealing God’s purposes and his ways. I was so excited and relieved that God provided me this book because I thought the Pastors would think that I was dreaming.

I found out in the meeting that both Pastors had read this book and adopted its teachings. The Pastor suggested that I work through Dr. Backaby’s work book. As I am working through, God is using this man’s work to give me a more complete understanding of how He works, why He works, and what He demands of someone He wants to work through. God showed me that obedience is paramount and the reward for obedience and love is that He will show himself to me. John 4:21 At this point my life I seemed to be lining up with his book and I wanted to continue to strive for complete obedience.

There are several quotes from Dr. Blackaby’s book I would like to share that made a large impact on me and served to encourage:

“To know and do the will of God, I must deny self and return to a God centered life.”

“Everything in your Christian life depends on the quality of your intimate love relationship to God.”

“Obedience is an outward expression of my love of God.”

“When God gets ready for you to take a new step or direction in his activity, it will always be in sequence with what He has already been doing in your life.”

“Members are enabled and equipped by the Holy Spirit to function where the Father has placed them in the body. God made us mutually interdependent. We need one another, what one lacks. Other in the body can and will supply.”

“Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him”.

“The reason most of the world is not being attracted to Christ and His church is that God’s people lack the faith to attempt those things that only God can do”.

Henry Blackaby’s writings have advanced my confidence that God is orchestrating this mission for me because everything that Henry has said to look at has confirmed God is at work in me. At this point all I can think about is showing him and maybe he can help me get started.

Crises of belief
My older brother, who lives 2500 miles away, phoned up one day and asked if I would come down and help him do some repairs on his acreage. I don’t know if I would have accepted the invitation, only I now was in the Spirit’s control, and “no” was not an option.

When I was there working, we needed to go to our business office to check on the orders etc. As I was looking around I noticed a book in the bookcase that I had told my youngest brother to buy 15 years earlier. I picked up this book called “The Miracles of Fasting” by Paul Bragg and started skimming it. I would be going on holidays in a week which would give me the time needed to read it completely. But I knew right then, it was the next step the Spirit would be taking me on.

We ended up going to Cuba to an all inclusive resort, and even though all the food was free, I was so moved by the Spirit I started my second long fast two days before we came home.

The first long fast happened 15 years ago and after its completion I said to myself that I would never, ever, ever, do that again! The first time it was completed in the flesh, but the second time it was all Spirit.

I completely adopted all of Paul Bragg’s regiment as if it was from the Lord. From that moment on my life has never been the same. I am literally experiencing a physical regeneration that, among others things, is reversing my metabolism to that of a small child.

Periodically, after longer fasts, my body would pass putrefied poisons that would burn upon exciting. Colds and flues are gone. It was not long and all the spiritual things that I struggled with faded away. My mind became so clear and my rest so sweet. Getting up early in the morning to spend hours with God became routine and natural. God’s word started to come alive and with each passing month I became more alive with the knowledge and understanding of his Word.

I arrived home from a business trip only to find out that Dr. Blackaby was going to be speaking in my city at the Gideon’s National Convention which would be starting tomorrow. Wow! The man that has instructed me so much is going to be speaking just minutes from my home. This time period for me corresponded with a long fast, so I knew I would be in tune with whatever God had for me.

As I waited for the program to start, pleased that my son was with me, I realized that I did not remember what had happened in Gideon’s life in the Bible. The question is why did this organization call themselves the “Gideons”? I made a mental note to look up this story later to find out.

God’s last message to me through Henry’s final address to the assembly is telling me to process my encounter with God, and if you don’t, he may walk right by you the next time. I told Henry after his message at the meeting that lately I have been processing my encounters with God, even though I did not realize what I was doing. But now I am going to deliberately reflect, and reprocess all my encounters.

As I arrived home, my mind seemed to naturally start processing, without even thinking what I am doing.

My Mission
A week later, on a Sunday night I was seeking God’s face with expectations of conformation, insight and direction. As I pick up my bible the thought came to mind, to read on the life of Joseph, since I felt there were many parallels. As I was searching, I came upon Gideon and then I remembered that I wanted to read his life story. It was not long into the life of Gideon before I could see the correlation between his life and mind.

Was the Lord trying to show me whom I was to become? As I continued on and read Judges 6:24 “The Lord is Peace” something happened, something in my spirit, it was no longer me reading the Bible, it was the Lord himself talking directly to me. I knew I had just received my commission, through the life and story of Gideon. I was dumbfounded, overwhelmed, amazed, excited and in awe.

The Lord came down and met with Gideon, a simple farmer, and said to him, “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior.” “And the Lord looked at him and said, “Go in this your strength and deliver Israel from the hand of the Midian. Have I not sent you? Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat Midian as one man.” Christ showed himself to me and I said what Gideon said, “Please do not depart from here, until I come back to Thee, and bring out my offering and lay it before Thee.” And He said to me, “I will remain until you return.”

I did what Gideon did, and went away to prepare so I could present my body a living sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is my spiritual service of worship.

Gideon knew he had seen the Lord face to face after his offering was consumed by fire from the rock. The offering of my body has been consumed by this same Rock. When you see truth face to face, you understand what is important and the steps to position yourself to be in the center of His will. This translated into a message of love from the words in a book that could not be understood. The Bible now has presented itself to me as a transforming book of remembrance, to all who will believe.

Gideon made a proper alter to God after tearing down the alter to Baal, and used the wood from the Asherh poles to sacrifice himself and a second bull from his father’s herd. He followed the instructions given by the Lord and called the alter “the Lord is peace”. As it turned out, I did this without even knowing it because when I shared the truths with my younger brother we both were consumed.

Gideon blew his trumpet which gathered his country men for action, and lead them to victory over a very oppressive foe. We also need some religious reforms, we are to tear down our pagan alters and used them to burn our true offering to God. And what does God require, but our bodies, a living sacrifice which is accomplished through obedience, faith and believing every word that comes from the mouth of God. We are called into action, and it is only what we do that will testify to whom we trust. But if we will hear the trumpet and respond, we too will be lead to receive victory over a vicious and ruthless invader.

In the third year, I know my mission and He has given me His message. I started out in this direction of obedience only to draw closer to God by getting to know him through an intimate love relationship. Never in my wildness dreams did I ever think, or would think, that this would be the outcome, which is to say, this same transformation can and will take place in your life, if you are willing to align yourself with His laws.

Hidden Treasurers
Col 2:2 ...So that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

After I passed this man’s test in his neighbor’s backyard pool, he was bound by the commitment of his word to take me diving. The responsibility shifted from me to him, it was now time for me to receive from him what his words obligated him to do for me. I watched him as he gathered the suits, tanks and all the gear we would need. He readied the boat and made all the preparations for our dive. He chose the river and navigated to the water which we would be diving in. Once you pass God’s test he also is bound by His own word to give you the desires of your heart.

The problem that he revealed to me was that the state of Florida was the most heavily searched state in the U.S. In his opinion, this state was almost completely dived out, which is to say, every spot that could be searched, was searched many times over. He took me to a large river that had black water and we suited up. The water was dark and murky, 10 to 12 feet deep and moving slow. We were in the river for only about an hour, but I personally found over fifty prehistoric fossilized sharks teeth. Together, in one hour, we had collectively found over 150 pieces.

The Bible is the most searched book ever and would appear to be completely laid bare, but in a relatively short time my basket overflowed with the full riches of knowledge and understanding.

This dive was most certainly an encounter with God. After about two weeks from the time I arrived back home, he wrote me a letter and informed me that the river we had been diving in was croc infested. The world will tell you it is too dangerous to go after these riches that lead to all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge but the love of God compels you to come by faith.

As I now process this encounter, God has revealed to me that if you want to find new treasures, let him take you to the places which few have the courage, or perseverance to dive, for in a short period of time your basket will be full. My purpose in completely surrendering was not to find new treasures, but rather to see and know God. It was to go after God with all of my heart, strength and sole. It was to see if He would be faithful to His word when he said; “Draw close to me and I will draw close to you”.

It was not long before the Spirit had me on the road to purification, not that I understood what it was going to mean at this point. I had given up the right to knowing the “why” before I obey, because to trust God is to move by faith and nothing more. When the Spirit is in control, my outcome and yours are secure.

Remember, God is not faithful to you; he is faithful to his word. It is only when you become faithful to his Word, that he becomes faithful to you. With God now faithful to you, you can anticipate receiving all the promises and blessings that his word speaks of. The promised land, here I come!

I am nearing the end of my sanctification process and I have been faithful in ascribing all what has been revealed to me, that is, what “Truth” looks like. Only my one brother has seen the truth of what I am sharing and there will be no turning away. But with all these words of truth, I cannot convince even one other person. I suppose it is do to time and influence that their teachers, who are blind, have had on them.

God had provided to me many reference points for truth, and no doubt that is why He has preserved two articles for over seventeen years in my file under the heading “Health”. At the end of my writings, at this time he has directed me to this dormant file, and the findings of some sixty eminent physicians in Britain. I enclose them for you as proof of fact, that are outside of this bible, to corroborate and demonstrate that years of gathering knowledge only leads you back to the “Truth”.

Taken From “health Words - A health through nutrition bulletin”

Digestion or Congestion?
Don’t let your health be stolen by a congested COLON.

Rest, exercise, good food and supplements should be rewarded with health, vigor and lots of energy. If this is not the case, there must be a thief stealing, pilfering or just slowly draining the life supply. Perhaps it is time look deeper even to the depths of our being to find the answer.

                         1987 Dr. Albert Zehr, PH.D.

In recent years, a growing number of health authorities are concluding that the colon blockage and bowel mismanagement are key factors behind most of man’s illnesses.

Three of these well-known professionals strike a sobering note. V.E. Irons. A noted bowel specialist says, “In my opinion, there is only one real disease, and that disease is autointoxication - the body poisoning itself. It’s the filth in our system that kills us. So, I’m convinced that unless you clean out your colon you will never regain health.”

Dr. Bernard Jensen summarizes his findings:
“In the fifty years I’ve spent helping people to overcome disability and disease; it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management is at the root of most people’s problems. In treating over 300,000 patients, it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before effective healing can take place.” (2 Chronicles 21:11-19)

Dr. Norman Walker explaining, “Good health not only regenerates and rebuilds the cells and tissues which constitute your physical body to prevent corruption in the form of fermentation and putrefaction. This corruption, if retained and allowed to accumulate in the body, prevents any possibility of attaining any degree of vibrant health... “Not to cleanse the colon.” Dr. Walker concludes, “is like having the entire garbage collecting staff in your city go on strike for days on end. The accumulation of garbage in the streets creates putrid, odoriferous, unhealthy gases which are dispersed into the atmosphere.”

The Colon
The Parts:
The colon, also known as the large intestine, is about five feet long and is made up of three segments:

1. The ascending colon is the first part of the large intestine. At the lower extremity is a small appendage known as the appendix. The lower part of the ascending colon is called the cecum and it is here that the digested food (chyme) is received from the small intestine through the ileo cecal valve.

2. The transverse colon runs horizontally across the abdomen, beginning from the bend refereed to as the hepatic flexure, to the splenic flexure which leads into the descending colon.

3. The descending colon runs vertically down the left side, from the splenic flexure to the sigmoid and the rectum. Putrefying bacteria and waste materials refereed to as feces are held in the descending colon waiting to be eliminated. The sigmoid is the lower end of the colon leading to the rectum.

It’s Function
The colon’s functions are very important and basic to good health.

1. When the digested food (chyme) is received into the cecum it is semi-liquid and consists of undigested or undigested food substances, as well as secretions from the liver, pancreas, small intestine and water. In the cecum area much of the water is withdrawn and absorbed.

2. Bacterial action now begins to play a major role in the completion of the digestion process. Billions of friendly bacteria synthesize valuable nutrients by digesting of the fecal mass. Vitamin K, some of the B vitamins, as well as other nutrients are produced. Some remaining proteins are broken down into simpler substances. No digestive enzymes are secreted in the colon, but an alkaline fluid aids in the completion of digestion begun in the small intestines.

3. During the process the chyme is pushed along through the colon by a peristaltic action which results from the muscles in the bulbous pouches of the colon walls. As the chyme moves, positive bacteria and more moisture are withdrawn. Also toxic waste from the blood system is received and carried with the fecal material into the rectum.

The amount of time taken, i.e. “transit time” for this process depends on the amount of roughage in the food, the water content and the condition of the colon. 4. When the fecal material arrives in the lower descending colon it should be formed in large soft stools and should be evacuated in a consistent and effortless way. Since by this time it contains putrefactive elements and toxic waste it must be discharged regularly and completely or ill health will result.

Colon Complications Steal Health and Vigor
When we realize that the colon is the sanitation department of our body we may tend to want to forget that it exists. However, a city would soon be plagued with ill health, disease and parasite infestation if it neglected its sanitation system. Yet, very few people consider that constant state of fatigue, sickness, and lethargy may be the result of a neglected sanitation system.

When a person eats well, takes supplements and gets some exercise, Dr. Bernard Jensen describes autointoxication as “the result of faulty bowel functioning which produces undesirable consequences in the body and is the root cause of many of today’s diseases and illnesses.”

In less sophisticated terms, auto-intoxication is what would happen in your house if the sewage drains would stop working!

Where we might expect this to be the problem of some careless few, Dr. Harvey W. Kellog MD says, “Of the 22,000 operations I personally performed, I never found a single normal colon and of the 100,000 performed under my jurisdiction not over one per cent were normal.”

Dr. Norman Walker, a specialist in colon health explains why and how colon congestion becomes a problem. “If a person has eaten processed, fried and over / under cooked foods, starches, sugar and excessive amounts of salt, his colon cannot possibly be efficient, even if he should have a bowel movement two to three times a day!”

“The bulk which is so essential for the proper and complete digestion of our food is needed in the colon just as much as in the small intestine. Such bulk, however, must be composed of fibers or roughage of raw foods. When these fibers pass through the intestines they become, figuratively speaking, highly magnetized, and in this condition are very helpful in the functions involved in the various parts of the intestines. In the addition to receiving the residue of that part of our food which is not digested, the colon also accommodates itself to the fiber - the roughage - in the food upon which it depends for its intestinal broom.”

“When the mineral elements which compose the foods we eat are saturated with oil or grease, the digestive organs cannot process them efficiently and they are passed out of the small intestine into the colon as debris. In addition, the body has a great deal of waste to dispose of through the colon in the form of used up cells and tissues. When ‘demagnetized’ food passes through the body system with little or no benefit, eventually, experience has proved these foods leave a coating of slime on the inner walls of the colon like plaster on a wall. (Pro 30:11-12, 30:20) In course of time this coating may gradually increase its thickness until there is only a small hole through the center, and the matter so evacuated may contain much undigested food from which the body derives little to no benefit (see fig. 5) The consequent result is starvation of which we are not conscious but which causes old age and senility to race towards us with the throttle wide open.”

Senility, means 1) of or typical of old age 2) showing the deterioration, esp. the mental confusion, memory loss, etc., often accompanying old age

Colon Ailments
Since the colon has relatively few nerve endings it can withstand considerable abuse without registering significant pain. Consequently many abnormalities may develop before one is aware of a problem.

Diverticulitis is result of an undue amount of pressure resulting from the colon needing to force the hard feces in order to keep them moving. This tends to cause a hernia, producing a small pouch like sack in the tissue. After feces accumulate they become morbid and may become inflamed (see Fig. 3).

Colitis is a somewhat general term but refers to inflammation of the colon, usually beginning with a rupture or from the decomposition of blocked fecal waste.

Spastic Bowel. When the colon muscle is overworked, tense, and not given adequate rest it will go into a spasm.

Ballooning is the result of backed up feces. The feces can accumulate and stretch the bowel walls into enormous proportions (Psalms 7:14)

Stricture is a chronic narrowing of the colon passageway usually resulting from inflammation. The feces accumulating in front of the stricture may develop ballooning so that the segment just past the stricture may collapse and the muscles become atrophied or inoperative (see fig.3)

Prolapsus is when the transverse colon falls or collapses probably due to an overload of accumulating waste (Pro 23:20-21, Phi 3:17-19). The fallen part may begin to rest on the lower organs and may become a problem especially for females. The abnormal pressure needed to force the feces through the hepatic and spenic flexure may also become a problem.

Death Begins in the Colon

Important Discussion of Alimentary Toxemia before the
Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain

Recently, the subject of alimentary toxemia was discussed in London before the Royal Society of medicine, by fifty-seven leading physicians of Great Britain. Among the speakers were eminent surgeons, physicians, and specialists in the various branches of medicine.

Poisons of Alimentary intestinal Toxemia

The following is a list of the various poisons noted by the several speakers: Indol, skaroi, phenol, cresol, indican, sulphurretted hydrogen, ammonia, histidine, urrobilin, methylmercaptan, tetramerhy-lendiamin, pentamethy, lendiamine, putrescin, cadaverin, neurin, cholin, muscarine, butyric acid, bera-imidazzolethy-lamine, methylgandinine, ptomarropine, botulin, typtophane, sepsin, idolethylamine, sulpherroglobine.

Of the 36 poisons mentioned above, several are highly active, producing most profound effects, and in very small quantities. In cases of alimentary toxemia some one or several of these poisons is constantly bathing the delicate body cells, and setting up charges which finally result in grave disease. (Job 20:12-16, Romans 3:13)

Symptoms and Diseases Due to Alimentary Toxemia
It should be understood that these findings are not mere theories, but are the results of demonstrations in actual practice by eminent physicians. Of course it is not claimed that alimentary toxemia is the only case of all symptoms and diseases named: Although of many it may be the sole or principal cause, some of them are due to other causes as well. In the following summary, the various symptoms and disorders mentioned in the discussion in London, to which reference has been made above, are grouped and classified.

The Digestive Organs
Duodenal ulcer causing partial or complete obstruction of the duodenum; pyloric spasm; pyloric obstruction; distension and dilation of the stomach; gastric ulcer; cancer of the stomach; adhesions of the omentum to the stomach and liver; inflammation of the liver; cancer of the liver (Pr. 7:18-23).

The muscular wall of the intestine as well as other atrophy, so that the passage of their contents is hindered. The abdominal viscera lose their normal relationship to the spine and to each other, on account of weakening of the abdominal muscles; these displacements are much more marked and serious in women. Other conditions are: Catariah of the intestines; foul gases and foul smelling stools; colitis; acute enteritis; appendicitis, acute and chronic; adhesions and “kinks” of the intestines; visceroptosis; enlargement of the spleen, distended abdomen; tenderness of the abdomen; diarrhea in children; inflammation of pancreas; chronic dragging abdomen pains; gastritis cancer of pancreas; inflammatory changes of gall bladder; cancer of gall bladder; gallstones; degeneration of the liver; cirrhosis of liver; infection of the gums, and decay of the teeth; ulcers in the mouth and pharynx.

Heart and Blood Vessels
Wasting and weakening of the heart muscles; micorbic cyamosis from the break up of blood cells; fatty degeneration of the heart; endocarditis; myocarditis; subnormal blood pressure; enlargement of the heart; the dilation of the aorta; high blood pressure; arteriosclerosis; permanent dilation of the arteries. (Deu 12:23, Pro 4:23)

Dr W. Bezley says: “There are few phases of cardiovascular troubles (disease of the heart and blood vessels) with which disorder of some part of the alimentary tract is not causatively associated.” (Psalms 38:3)

The Nervous System

Headaches of various kinds - frontal, occipital, temporal, dull or intense, hemicrania; headache of a character to lead to a mistaken diagnosis of the brain tumor. Acute neuralgia pains in the legs; neuritis; twitching of the eyes and the muscles of the face, arms, legs etc.; irritability; disturbances of nervous system, varying from simple headaches to absolute collapse; mental and physical depression; Insomnia; troubled sleep; unpleasant dreams; unrefreshing sleep; the patient awakening tired; excessive sleepiness; patient falling asleep in the day time; shivery sensation across lower spinal region, burning sensation in face, hand etc.; epileptiform tic; typhoid state; paralysis; chronic fatigue; horror of noises; morbid introspection (having or showing an interest in gruesome or gloomy matters as one looks into one’s own mind, feelings, etc. Romans 7:22-23) ; perverted moral feeling (to lead astray from what is right or good; misdirect; corrupt Samuel 16:4) ; melancholia (A metal disorder characterized by extreme depression, brooding, etc. Romans 1:28-32) ; mania (a wild or violent metal disorder); loss of memory; difficulty of mental concentration; imbecility (great foolishness or stupidity); insanity; delirium (a temporary state of extreme metal excitement, marked by confused speech and hallucinations: it sometime occurs during a fever, in some forms of insanity, etc. Psalms 4:2, NASB Psalms 73:7); coma (a condition of stupor or lethargy Romans 11:8).

The Eyes

Degenerative changes in the eye; inflammation of the lens; inflammation of the optic nerve; hardening of the lense; selerotitis; scierokeratitis; iritis; recurrent hemorrhage in the retina; eye dull and heavy. (NASB Pro 15:30-31)

The Skin

Formation of wrinkles; thin, inelastic, starchy skin; pigmentations of the skin - yellow, brown, state - black. Blue; muddy complexion; offensive secretion from the skin of flexures; thickening of the skin of back of the skin - sores and boils (Psalms 38:5); pemphigus; pruritus; herpes; eczema; dermatitis; lupus erythemarosus; acne rosaacrea; cold, clammy extreities; dark circles under the eyes; seborrhea; psoriasis; pityriasis; alopecia, lichen; planus jaundice; “An infinitesimal amount of poison may suffice to cause skin eruption.” (2 Kings 5:13-14)

Muscles and Joints

Degeneration of the muscles; “Muscles waste and become soft and in advance cases tear easily. In young life the muscular debility produces the deformities which are called dorsal excurvation, or round shoulders, lateral curvature (Romans 11:8-10) flat foot, and knock knee. Weakness of abdominal muscles causes accumulation of feces in the pelvic colon, which renders evacuation of contents more and more difficult. Prominence of bones; rheumatic pains simulating sciatica and lumbago; various muscular pains; muscular rheumatism; arthritis deformities; synavitis; rickets; arthritis, acute and chronic.” Tubercle, and rheumatoid arthritis are the direct result of intestinal intoxication. Dr. Lane says: I do not believe it is possible for either of these diseases to obtain a foothold except in the presence of stasis.”

General Disorders and Disturbances of Nutrition

Degeneration of the organs of elimination, especially the liver, kidneys (Bright’s disease) and spleen; pernicious anemia; lowered resistance to infection of all kinds; premature senile decay; retardation of growth in children, accompanied by mental irritability and muscular fatigue; adenoids, enlarged tonsils; scurvy; enlarged thyroid (goitre); various tumors and thyroid; Raynaud’s disease. In those who apparently suffer no harm from constipation during a long series of years there is perhaps, as suggested by Hertz, a partial immunity established.

The writer has long believed that such a immunity is sometimes established in the very obstinate constipation which accompanies absolute fasting, because of the cleaning of the tongue and reappearance of appetite which often occurs at the end of the second or third week of the fast, (Psalms 35:13-14, Psalms 109:24-25, Ecc 7:4) a phenomenon very much like that which appears in typhoid fever and other continued fevers. It must not be supposed, however, that even the establishment of so called immunity insures the body against all injury. The labor of eliminating enormous amounts of virulent toxins, which falls upon the kidneys, damages the renal tissues and produces premature failure of these essential organs. Any process which develops toxins within the body is a menace to the life of the tissues and should be suppressed as far as possible, and as quickly as possible.

The fact that symptoms of poisoning resulting from constipation do not appear at once is no evidence that injury is not done. Dr. William Hunter in the course of the London discussion remarked that the chronic constipation “might exist in certain individuals as an almost permanent condition without apparently casing ill health is due solely to the power and protective action of the liver. It is not any evidence of the comparative harmlessness of constipation per se, but only as evidence that some individuals possess the cecum and the colon of an ox, with the liver of a pig, capable of doing any amount of distoxication.” In the face of such an array of evidence backed up by authority of nearly 60 eminent English physicians, and many hundreds of other English, U.S., German and French physicians whose names might be added, it is no longer possible to ignore the importance of alimentary toxemia or autointoxication as a fact in the production of disease. To no other single cause is it possible to attribute one-tenth as many various and widely diverse disorders. It may be said that almost every chronic disease known is directly or indirectly due to the influence of bacterial poisons absorbed from the intestine. The colon may be justly looked upon as a veritable Pandora’s box, out of which come more human misery and suffering, metal and moral, as well as physical than from any other known source.

The colon is a sewage system, but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When it is clean and normal we are well and happy; let it stagnate, and it will distill the poisons of decay, fermentation and putrefaction into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous system so that we become mentally depressed and irritable; it will poison the heart so that we are weak and listless; poisons the lungs so that the breath is foul; poisons the digestive organs so that we are distressed, and we age prematurely, look and feel old, the joints are stiff and painful, neuritis, dull eyes and sluggish brain overtake us; the pleasure of living is gone. (2 Tim 2:20-21)

The preceding information should impress you with the vital importance of bowel regularity to you and every member of your family. (Pro 5:11-14)

End of article.

V.E. Irons. A noted bowel specialist says, “In my opinion, there is only one real disease, and that disease is autointoxication - the body poisoning itself. It’s the filth in our system that kills us. So, I’m convinced that unless you clean out your colon you will never regain health.”

Job 20:12-16 “Though evil is sweet in his mouth and he hides it under his tongue, though he desires it and will not let it go but holds it in his mouth, yet his food in his stomach is changed to the venom of cobras within him. He swallows riches, but will vomit them up; God will expel them from his belly. He sucks the poison of cobras; the viper’s tongue slays him.”

How can we tell if our food we eat is changing in our stomach to poisonous venom? When it comes to our bodies there are two things that cannot lie; the first is our blood and the second is our water. If there is poison under our tongues then there is poison in our blood and urine.

1 John 5:7-8 For there are three that bear witness, the Spirit and the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement.

There are three witnesses in a man before God, and all three will bear out the truth that is in a man; what comes out of a man’s mouth will witness to who is in control and the urine and the blood will each speak to the purity of the offering. You may say, I am righteous, but will your water and blood bear witness to that?

This is what Christ was talking about when he addressed the teachers of the law and Pharisees, in Matt 23:23-36 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices - mint, dill and cumin. But you neglected the more important matters of the law - justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. Blind Pharisees! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean”

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. And you say, ‘If we had lived in the days of our forefathers, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.’ So you testify against yourself that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets.”

“You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? Therefore I am sending you prophets and wise men and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify; others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town. And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. I tell you the truth, all this will come upon this generation.”

Titus 1:15-16 To the pure, all things are pure; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind and their conscience are defiled. They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedience, and worthless for any good deed.

Matt 5:20 “For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

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