Chapter 32

Closing Statements by the Defense

The way I see it, there are three possible defenses, depending on factors too numerous and varying to consider. So I am leaving it up to you to pick the one best suited to represent your client position.

#1 My client was not informed that these laws were relevant to him in the 21st century, for he was under the impression the Old Testament commands were replaced with the coming of Christ. He is thankful to the Crown for making him aware of the severe repercussions for eternity and the oppressive nature of going against the Lord’s divine laws. My client is grateful to be given the opportunity to adopt this truth into his life and the fact that this way of living, only cost him his pride, as he surrenders to the Spirit, was something he was trying to lose anyway. Also, being given the knowledge of the steps to follow, and seeing how the Spirit will provide the power needed to rebuild, is beyond his wildest hopes. My client is overwhelmed with the possibilities that these great promises hold out for him and is looking forward to receiving his name inscribed on a pillar in the Temple of our God. I would like to ask the court to consider a suspending sentencing for a period of say, three years, at which time we can convene for sentencing.

#2 My client knows he on his way to heaven and that is what he keeps his eye on. He is very involved with the church and his good deeds are very extensive over many years. My client will not believe that our Holy God will allow all his property to be removed from his account, should he fail to make this journey. My client denies himself in many other ways and is faithful to take up his cross each and every day as he is following Jesus, the way he sees it. Well frankly Judge, my client has never gone without food and he informs me that if he has a problem, the doctors always seem to have something they can give him. The way my client sees it, there is not going to be anything new come to light in the Bible, in his opinion, God is only going to add to his church. As far as the promised land goes, he believes he is in it, and is experiencing the abundant life already. He believes that he is being sanctified already from the moment that Christ saved him and no other actions of surrendering are needed on his part. And well, he feels the Old Testament is somewhat outdated and mostly relevant for today’s life styles, but that his observation only comes after studying it for over forty years. I would like to recommend to this court, on behalf of my client, that these charges of holding his God in contempt, be dismissed on the basis that the evidence was inconclusive and far beyond a reasonable doubt.

#3 Your Honor, my client completely rejects this misrepresentation of the truth of the word of God. Over and over again this imposter has taken scripture out of context to build a case that is utterly bogus. He is suggesting a relationship closer to God will come only by our works, and it is clear God said you can do nothing by yourself. If we were in the Old Testament days, I would suggest we take this blasphemer out and stone him to death. To think that this so called “standard” which he has raised, is stating that I am blind. This “standard” demands the creation of an elite Priesthood and if you choose to abstain, you become an enemy of God. It is beyond me, why this court or any other court would press such a charge on this idiotic, non-relevant scripture that has been presented today. I would like to make it quite clear to this court that my client is an elder in one of the biggest churches in this land, and if you think for one moment that you can make this charge stick, you’re crazier than the one who drew up this indictment. My client would strongly advise this court to drop all charges or risk offending all the saints that pays your salaries and fund your works. Things can go on just the way they were; no one needs to derail our church.

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