The Introduction

The Standard

Page by Page Synopsis


1. The Indictment by the Crown

2. Opening Statement of Defense

3. Opening Statement by the Crown

Proceedings for Discovery

4. The Supreme Context

5. Wisdom or Folly

6. An Impartial God

7. Practical and Relevant

8. Jesus Set Aside His Power to Show Us the Way

9. How Does God Relate?

10. Our Great Physician

11. One Curse or Two?

12. Just Believe

13. The Purpose of Law Under Grace

14. How and Why Should We Become Like Little Children?

15. As We Look Into God’s Word, We See an Image of What We Are

16. Saul and David, Two Chosen Men of God

17. Hardening of the Heart

18. Same Actions Give Way to Same Results

19. The Reality of Not Following the Blue Prints

20. There is No Standing Still With God

21. Who is Holy?

22. The Fruit Tree

23. The Smoking Gun

24. True Worshipers

25. Rebuilding of Your Temple

26. Sanctification

27. Share in His Suffering

28. Obsessed or Zeal

29. Take a Bath

30. The Crown’s Witness

31. Closing Statements by the Crown

32. Closing Statements by the Defense

33. Sentencing by the Judge

The Cup Is Full and We Are Out Of Time

The Covenant Which Can Not Be Broken

Summary of the Message

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